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  Surface Treatments
Anodizing on Aluminium alloy
Electroless Nickel Plating
Colour Anodizing on Titanium Alloy
Electro Polishing of S.S.
Chromate Conversion Coating on Aluminium
Electrolytic colour Anodizing on Aluminium
Gold Plating
Laser Marking
We also Manufactures
Electro Polishing of S.S.
Better Corrosion protection
Better bright and decorative physical appearance
Enhanced mechanical properties
Free from burrs,fragments particles and gas occlusions
Excellent reflectivity
Its a reverse plating process, removes the metal from microscopic peak areas and provide
mirror bright and lustrous finish.
Mirror bright
Lustrous finish
Engineering parts of pharma,dairy,chemicals,vaccum,cryogenic,electronics,architecture,
medical equipment and implants.
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