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  Surface Treatments
Anodizing on Aluminium alloy
Electroless Nickel Plating
Colour Anodizing on Titanium Alloy
Electro Polishing of S.S.
Chromate Conversion Coating on Aluminium
Electrolytic colour Anodizing on Aluminium
Gold Plating
Laser Marking
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Corporate Profile :
With 10 years of experience in the field of metal finishing to the demands of practically the entire engineering industries. We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the recognized names in the field of electroplating.
Micro Surface Technology (MST) has been started the anodizing plant in 1998 for the purpose of achieving quality and saving the time for transaction of parent company's parts and facilities extended for different plating services with consultation of experts.
The metal finishing has an important roll in the industries. We have plated and delivered the parts successfully to all type of the engineering industries. The Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium parts has been processed successfully.
The Company currently specializes in providing Surface Treatment Services using 250 Sq. Yard Area.
Company currently specialized in
Process Capacity
White Anodizing/ Electrolytic Color Anodizing/ Hard Anodizing 7 feet long size & 10 Sq. feet per batch
Electroless Nickel 12 Sq. Feet Surface Area
Color Anodizing on Titanium 2 Feet Long Size
Electro Polishing 1 Feet Long Size
MST is following the MIL standard and maintaining the process log book and time to cross check the plating quality by different test methods.
Our services are placed at highly competitive prices along with international standards to fulfill all your expectations. We believe in total customer satisfaction by providing full-fledged customer support thus securing a position of not only an authorized vendor but also of a technical partner as we want to maintain a long term business relationship with you and taste the flavors of success along with you by playing on your side.
Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we have developed different types of treatments and techniques to achieve the end user requirements.Our coatings can thus be applied to a wide range of component types and environments ranging from the desert to arctic conditions, to the middle of the ocean, above and beneath the waves.
At the MST, we let the quality of our services speak for itself, request a sample of our plating and you will see that our finishes are amongst the most brilliant works else anywhere in India. The key to our success has been the ability to strike a balance between speed of service and quality finishes at affordable prices.
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