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  Surface Treatments
Anodizing on Aluminium alloy
Electroless Nickel Plating
Colour Anodizing on Titanium Alloy
Electro Polishing of S.S.
Chromate Conversion Coating on Aluminium
Electrolytic colour Anodizing on Aluminium
Gold Plating
Laser Marking
We also Manufactures
Services :
Micro Surface Technology is actively involved in metal finishing business since ten years and delivering the quality job. The Company has developed the most economical processes.
The facilities have been developed according to the jobs volume and its geomatry.It is providing very good support to the industries for their product's protection against corrosion,aesthetic applications and functional requirements by adopting the advance metal finishing technology.
MST is also following the MIL standard for metal finishing processes and its data logging to maintain the quality.The company has a well trained and skilled manpower. The process qualification test has been carried out with successful result in most of the methods. The Company is providing the valuable and uninterrupted services with customer satisfaction.
Apart from metal finishing job work business MST is also manufacturing the de ionized water treatment filter cartridge which being used for maintaining the water quality in Laser machine and to get the more efficiency of Laser.Moreover a highly pure de ionized water is also generated for other plating industries and in machineries as coolant.
MST has also a very good advance laser marking facility and providing a very good support to different industries for part’s value addition and avoiding duplicity by producing logos/brand name/serial number using laser marking on critical size and shape of various parts without affecting the material properties. The most of the medical implants, pharmaceutical parts, pneumatic parts, automobile parts, gift articles, engineering parts, textile parts, hollow gram stickers, and hardware on different types of metals is being engraved with very good sharpness of the fonts/logos at MST. The laser marking result is more accurate and cost effective compare to other process. In case of plastic mold (die) parts, a perfect line definition and depth has been delivering the job by using laser system.
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